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All delegates and attendees are required to comply with the following code of conduct, which applies to all types of events (including asynchronous, pre-recorded ones) within the frame of the “Let’s Talk About Sex in YA” conference, taking place online via the University Cambridge in spring 2021.


We are committed to creating a safe, supportive, inclusive, and harassment-free environment for this conference. Please be professional, respectful, and empathetic in the way you communicate with others, and refrain from using discriminatory or abusive language - doing so will result in immediate and permanent removal from the live event and a ban on attending the rest of the conference (this includes access to pre-recorded talks). We operate on a zero-tolerance policy. And we retain the right to refuse access to our events if there is cause for concern. If you have experienced or witnessed unacceptable behaviour, please do report this directly to the organisers via the Zoom chat or send an e-mail to - we will investigate any instances promptly and take appropriate action.


Please do not share any zoom links and passwords via social media or other channels. When logging onto a live event, make sure to display your full name and - if you feel comfortable - your preferred pronouns. Please remain muted during live talks, unless the host invites interaction. Do not record any sessions - this right is reserved by the organisers. If you are concerned about your image appearing in a recording, you can of course remain off-camera.


The mental and emotional wellbeing of our delegates and attendees is of utmost importance to us. Considering the theme of our conference, some events and presentations will be preceded by content and trigger warnings. We will flag potentially emotionally challenging and/or disturbing content related to one or more of the following topics: 


(child) abuse, pedophilia, incest; 

mental illness;

(porno)graphic content

pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriages, abortions; 

self-harm, suicide; 

sexual violence and assault.


Aiming to provide a safe environment, we have tried our best to flag potentially triggering topics, contents, and events, but if you have any concerns or suggestions, please do contact us via e-mail - we appreciate your feedback. 

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